Monday, 15 February 2010

Matt Smith: A Patrick Troughton fan?

Steven Moffat revealed in Doctor Who magazine 418 recently that when Matt Smith watched old episodes of Doctor Who in preparation for the part, he especially loved the Patrick Troughton classic - Tomb of the Cybermen. In fact he loved the classic Doctor Who actor so much, he talked (more like raved) about him for days. I'm not certain if Troughton is Matt's favourite Doctor, but it certainly seems that he might be.

The reason this is interesting is because so far, with the execption of Tom Baker and David Tennant, the majority of Doctor actors have always favoured or been inspired by Patrick Troughton, so this latest news seems to cement Troughton's reputation further as the 'Doctor's Doctor'.

As Matt Smith also chose the majority of his costume, it's also interesting to note that there are many Troughton-esque features to it (the braces, bow tie, the 'proffessor' look). Maybe Matt Smith's Doctor will be Troughton-esque too?

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